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About Rectus Muscle Tears

A rectus muscle tear is often caused by a traumatic injury resulting in a tear of the rectus muscle at or near the pelvis. In some cases, a small blood vessel may have ruptured, resulting in a hematoma (a collection of blood) in the rectus sheath. This hematoma may result in an unsightly bulge in the abdomen and excessive scar tissue formation. Dr. Anthony Echo of Sports Hernia Texas is a highly trained, board-certified surgeon who is committed to restoring a high quality of life to patients who are anxious to return to their daily activities quickly. Contact our helpful staff to learn more about this condition and the treatments we offer to repair it.

Rectus Muscle Tear Diagnosis and Treatment

If the hematoma is large enough, it is usually recommended that it be surgically removed to decrease the chance of infection or scarring months later. Often, there is an associated rectus muscle tear or a rupture of the tendon from the pubic bone. This will need to be confirmed by an MRI. Often, small tears do not require surgical repair, but a large tear may require reattachment of the rectus abdominis muscle tendon, depending on the severity and the timing of the injury. The surgery will be performed on the lower abdominal area just above the pubic bone. This is necessary for access to the tendon and the pubic bone. Permanent sutures will be placed to anchor the tendon back to the bone, and in some cases, a bone anchor will be necessary for reattachment. 

Recovery and Restoration

Dr. Echo is especially talented at helping his patients recover and feel restored quickly and efficiently while ensuring their injuries are carefully tended to. Rectus muscle tears require specialized, meticulous, and precise care, which you can rest assured you will receive when you choose Sports Hernia Texas. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Echo and our talented team today to learn more about your treatment options.

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