Obturator Neuropathy (Abductor Strain) – Houston, TX

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About Obturator Neuropathy

The adductor longus and pectineus muscle areas are often injured during sports and heavy physical activity. These injuries will often resolve without surgery; however, in certain cases, the tendon sheath can become scarred, which results in a tight, painful, upper-inner thigh. The obturator nerve is often involved with the adductor strain. This nerve exits the pelvis and travels under the pectineus and adductor longus muscles, sending small sensory branches to the upper, inner thigh. Some athletes may even experience some weakness in the adductors and sensory changes in the mid-inner thigh region, in addition to the pain in the upper inner thigh. When you are experiencing pain from an abductor strain, you need the expert help of a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Anthony Echo. With advanced training in the treatment of this condition, Dr. Echo can help you return to your lifestyle quickly and safely. Contact Sports Hernia Texas in Houston, TX to schedule your consultation.

Obturator Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment

For patients suffering from this condition, a fasciectomy (unwrapping of the tendon and removal of the scarred fascia) is performed. Unlike other physicians, Dr. Echo does not cut the tendon or muscles, which is often performed to quickly alleviate pain but could potentially lead to weakness down the road. By leaving the tendon intact but instead unwrapping it, the pain is treated without placing the patient at risk for decreased strength in the upper thigh following their recovery. In cases of pain in the obturator nerve, release with neurolysis (freeing the nerve of scar tissue or fascia) may be recommended to allow the nerve to function without pain.

Superior Solutions

At Sports Hernia Texas, we are proud to offer expert solutions to complicated conditions, such as this one. When you live an active and fast-paced lifestyle, you simply do not have the time for lengthy recoveries and risky solutions. With the help of Dr. Anthony Echo, your abductor strain can be effectively healed in a manner that will not pose a long-term risk and will prevent you from spending months in recovery. To learn more about this condition and treatment options, we encourage you to contact our Houston, TX facility to schedule a consultation with Dr. Echo or a member of our experienced team.

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